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Metallic Accented Candles

Tired of plain candles in solid colors? Hot glue is the perfect way to dress them up! Add glue to the outside of candles for your home decor, parties, weddings, and more. Pick a stencil that goes with your theme and start adding glue.

Metallic Accented Candles Supplies

  • Candles
  • Stencil
  • Painter’s tape
  • Precision hot glue gun
  • Metallic glue sticks

Metallic Accented Candles Instructions

1. Start by putting the stencil on your candle. Use painter’s tape to hold it into place.

2. Go around the outer edge of each stencil opening with metallic hot glue. Do not touch the edge of the stencil with the glue; just use it as a guide. A precision glue gun will give you more control here.

3. Fill in the areas with hot glue as you work your way around the stencil.

4. Complete the stencil and allow the glue to cool.

5. Carefully pull back the stencil.

6. Add more embellishments to the candle if desired. Here, we added centers to each flower with a contrasting color of glue.

7. You can also trace around your stenciled glue to clean up the edges. Allow everything to cool before using the candle in your decor.

Use a craft knife to cut away any glue that may have touched the stencil.


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