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Honeycomb Bowl

This sweet bowl is a fun knickknack to put on your side table or use in spring decor. Try using different colors or designs for different seasons.

Honeycomb Bowl Supplies

  • Tissue paper
  • Small glass bowl
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Glue gun of choice
  • Yellow glue compatible with your glue gun

How to make Honeycomb Bowl

1. Wrap tissue paper around the bottom of the bowl, tucking any extra paper into the inside of the bowl.

2. Spray the tissue paper with water. Do not oversaturate—you want enough water to smooth the tissue to the bowl, but not so much that the tissue tears.

3. Starting in the center of the bowl, make a small circle with the yellow glue.

4. Moving outward, add more circles. Overlap the edges of the circles to keep them together.

5. Keep adding small circles around the bowl and down the sides. When you are done, set the bowl aside and allow the glue to cool completely.

6. Once cool, the tissue paper and hot glue will easily peel away from the glass bowl. Rip the excess tissue from the top.

7. Get the remaining tissue very wet. The excess tissue can then be rubbed away with your fingers. You can also try scrubbing it away using a scrub brush, just use caution not to damage the bowl.

The tissue paper allows the glue bowl to be easily removed from the glass bowl. With flat surfaces, coating the item with petroleum jelly works well, but for round surfaces, tissue paper prevents the glue from running down the sides, which can ruin your design


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