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Faux Fern

This faux fern looks so lifelike, you might find yourself watering it accidentally! But even with neglect, this is a potted plant that will stay beautifully green. If it gets dusty after sitting in a corner for months, just wash the leaves with soap and water to bring them back to life.

Faux Fern Supplies

  1. 18” floral wire stems
  2. Jewelry pliers
  3. Silicone mat
  4. Glue gun of choice
  5. Green hot glue
  6. Styrofoam block (optional)

Faux Fern Instructions

1. Fold the floral wire stems in half and cut to form two pieces from each.

2. Use the pliers to straighten out the curved ends of the stems.

3. Lay out a row of stems on the silicone mat. Draw small leaf shapes down each wire with the glue, making sure one end of each leaf is in contact with the wire. The leaves should be about 1 inch apart and extend about two-thirds of the way down each stem.

4. Repeat, covering the whole mat with leafy stems.

5. Place all the stems in a vase or decorative bucket. For more control over how your stems are displayed, place a Styrofoam block in the bottom of the container first, then poke the wire ends into the foam.


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