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Fairy Garden Waterfall

Fairy gardens are whimsical and can be a great addition to a porch or patio. You can add a waterfall to any fairy garden with just a few supplies and your hot glue gun. Your fairies will be so happy with the addition!

Fairy Garden Waterfall Supplies

  1. Plastic canvas
  2. Scissors
  3. Clear plastic container
  4. Three glue guns of choice
  5. Clear glue sticks
  6. Two shades of blue glue sticks
  7. Clay pot
  8. Skewer or dowel
  9. Silicone mat

Fairy Garden Waterfall Instructions

1. Cut a strip from the plastic canvas as wide and long as you want the waterfall to be. Add clear glue to the bottom of the plastic container and stand the canvas in the glue, curving the top slightly. Hold in place while it cools.

2. Start building up the clear glue on the plastic canvas. You will need to add a little, wait until it cools, then add some more.

3. Glue the top edge of your plastic canvas to a clay pot. Continue to build the glue both in the plastic container and on the plastic canvas. Building it slowly will ensure that the plastic components do not melt.

4. Once the glue is built up, heat up all three glue guns. One should have clear glue and the other two should have two shades of blue glue. Then add drops of all three to the “pond” at once. While the glue is still warm, swirl with a skewer or dowel until you like the look of the “water.”

5. Repeat step 4 on the waterfall itself. You will want to use any excess blue glue to build up the area where the waterfall meets the pond.

6. Use the same technique from step 4 to make one incoming and one outgoing stream, directly on top of the silicone mat. Let cool completely before lifting up.

7. Once everything is cool, add the components to your fairy garden. Add rocks around the clay pot to help hide it. Secure your streams into place with a little bit of additional clear glue.


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