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Embellished Mint Tin

Use hot glue to smooth out the top of a mint tin so your child can embellish it! Once you have a smooth surface, it is the perfect surface for your child to paint or draw their own design. Then they can customize their tin with flowers, initials, or a special date before tucking their favorite small things inside.

Embellished Mint Tin Supplies

  • Glue gun of choice
  • Glue sticks
  • Empty mint tin
  • Spray paint
  • Paint pens

How to make Embellished Mint Tin

1. Heat up the hot glue. Open the tin, then squeeze out the glue onto the top of the tin, extending to the sides, but being careful not to drip over the edges. No need to smooth by hand, hot glue is self-leveling when extremely hot. Allow to cool.

2. Spray paint the tin. Follow the instructions on the spray paint can.

3. Allow your child to decorate the top with paint pens.

When you need a lot of glue to cover a large surface smoothly, use a glue gun that uses large glue sticks, and allow it to heat up for twice as long as you normally would.


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