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DIY Lampshade

Add some style to your room with a hot glue lampshade! Use colored or glitter glue that matches your decor to make a statement piece. For extra fun, look for a lamp with a fillable base that you can use to store your extra glue sticks.

DIY Lampshade materials

  • Ruler
  • Permanent marker
  • Oven liner
  • Lamp (the lampshade can be damaged, but the lampshade wires must still be intact)
  • Glue gun of choice
  • Assorted colored glue sticks
  • Clear glue sticks

Instructions for DIY Lampshade

1. Before taking apart your lampshade, measure the height and circumference. Draw a rectangle this size on the oven liner. If the oven liner is too small, you can tape a second oven liner or silicone mat on one end.

An oven liner can be a great alternative to a silicone mat. They are inexpensive and often sold in larger sizes. However, an oven mat has a weave texture that transfers to your project, which means it is not an ideal alternative for all projects.

2. Using a crisscross design, fill in the rectangle with different colors of glue. Switch to clear glue for the remaining steps.

3. Add stability to your lampshade by adding horizontal and vertical lines of glue. Use a ruler to keep them straight and even.

4. Remove the fabric lampshade from the lampshade wires.

5. Glue the lampshade wires to the top and bottom of the rectangle, a few inches at a time, allowing the glue to set before moving to the next section.

6. Add glue along the seam where the two ends of the rectangle meet, then add glue along the top and bottom edges as needed to secure in place.

7. Put the lamp back together. Use a low-watt bulb to protect your hot glue lampshade from melting


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