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Bunch of Hearts

Wirework can be very stunning. I have framed the wire design here with tissue paper. Decorate bright pink tissue paper with gold dots to make gift wrap and use the card design to make gift tags.

Bunch of Hearts Materials

  1. Half letter/A5 sheet cream textured cardstock
  2. Metal ruler
  3. Craft knife
  4. Cutting mat
  5. Stylus
  6. Pink tissue paper
  7. Spray adhesive
  8. Yellow paper
  9. Blue paper
  10. Double-sided tape
  11. Scissors
  12. Red, yellow, blue, and pink craft wire
  13. Wooden dowel
  14. Super glue
  15. Gold 3D paint

This card takes a little time to make, but it is well worth the effort.

Cut snowflakes out of tissue paper. Use spray adhesive to attach them to a card base, then embellish with 3D paint.

1. Use a craft knife to cut a 4″ x 8¼” (10.5 x 21cm) rectangle from the cream cardstock. Score and fold to form the card base. Tear a piece of bright pink tissue paper about 3½” (8.5cm) square. Use spray adhesive to attach it in a central position on the front of the card.

2. Using double-sided tape, cut and assemble the layers for the central motif in this order: a 2¼” (5.5cm) square of yellow paper, a 2″ (5cm) square of blue paper, and a 1¾” (4.5cm) square of cream cardstock. Attach the layers centrally on the pink square.

3. Wind a length of red wire around a dowel three times and then stretch out a 4″ (10cm) length. Cut off. Slide the wire off the dowel and press the coils together.

4. Measure 1¼” (3cm) up from the coils and make a circle of wire ½” (1cm) in diameter. Wind the excess wire around the stem. Press the top of the circle down in to create a heart shape. Trim excess wire. Make hearts in blue and yellow wire as well. Use super glue to attach the hearts on the cream cardstock.

5. Cut a 2½” (6cm) length of pink wire. Make two loops, then twist into a bow shape. Trim and affix into position with super glue.

6. Use gold 3D paint to outline and decorate the pink tissue paper. You could put a pink tissue paper or wire heart on the back of the card for an extra touch.


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