Slime Ideas

Avalanche Slime

This is a temporary, interesting-looking slime. You can add glitter, microbeads, and other additives if you would like to make your slime look more exciting.

To create Avalanche Slime, you’ll need both Basic White Glue Slime and Basic Clear Glue Slime.

1. Fill half a container with Basic Clear Glue Slime. You can have as many colors as you would like (see A).

2. Fill the rest of the container with Basic White Glue Slime (see B).

3. Poke the slime three to six times, but not more than that or the slime will mix too much (see C). Let the slime sit for 1 or 2 days, and you’ll have Avalanche Slime!

Please note that once you mix the slimes you won’t be able to unmix them—they’ll become one, single new slime


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